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I see things that are not there. 

I see outer space in coffee bubbles, big bosoms in egg yolks, skulls in whiskey glasses, barn owls in donuts and the devil's horns in savoury snacks. And these are just photographs. When I create, I keep it as simple as I can, so that even children can understand my visual stories. I have recreated a few Indian myths for kids so that they warm up to our rich cultural heritage. I also make superheroes out of commoners in my own desi way, and more food-for-thought memories. 


My alma mater is Kolkata’s Government College of Art and Craft. Having been in the news media for almost two decades (with The Times of India, Economic Times, India Today and Network 18) after that, my response to current affairs is either with a brush pen or a camera lens. Naturally, I mince no words or brushstrokes. I see red when menstrual hygiene is compromised owing to ignorance, when the national coffers cough up more funds for statues than for natural disaster damages, and when women are not welcome in the sanctuaries of Gods. 


When I am not working to illustrate the vagaries of everyday India (and sometimes other parts of the world) to keep my job and pay the bills, I like to draw on anything I can lay my hands on.


Govt. College Of Art & Craft, Kolkata


rajkamalaich at gmail.com








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